Welcome to my new site.

Welcome to my new site, this is in early stages of development to work out the layout and usability, soon I will start to upload content, photos, pictures and in time videos of the food I cook at home. Food that we can all do in a regular home kitchen and ingredients we can all easily buy locally

Latest from the Blog

Oven Roasted Pigs Head Lechon

Serves 6-8 | 6½ – 7 hours cooking | 15 mins preparation | Overnight in fridge While we cook with the heart sometimes we have to use the head, or to be more precise a pigs head in this case. With crispy ears and meaty snout and cheeks a pigs head provides a variety of…

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Spicy Brazilian Coconut Chicken

Serves 4 | 40 mins cooking | 15 mins preparation Quick and easy to make, to make this can become a regular and delicious weekday dinner of chicken with a spicy, rich, creamy and fragrant broth. Ingredients 1tsp Cumin1tsp Cayenne pepper1tsp Turmeric1tsp Ground coriander1/2tsp Garlic powder1tsp Salt4 Chicken breasts3tbsp Olive oil1 Medium onion – chopped1…

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Chicken Karage

Serves 2-3 | 15 mins Preperation | 8 mins Cooking | 30 mins Marinading | Chicken Karaage is a traditional Japanese fried chicken. Juicy and tender inside and very crispy outside. So quick and easy to make you’ll never order the greasy rubbish KFC again! Ingredients 500g Boneless chicken thighs25g ginger – grated1 clove garlic…

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